Our mission

Design Office

Specializing in the development of polymer elastomer-based products for more than 25 years, our experience in the field of closures but also in different sectors of the industry has allowed us to develop high-performance technical solutions adapted to the most complex specifications. . We design for you products adapted to your requirements and we accompany you in the evolution of your range.

Technical support

We favor a close and dynamic collaboration with our customers. We are willing to advise you on the development of your specifications so that the project benefits from a real synergy. We study the feasibility and design of your project so that the final product fits perfectly into its environment.


We master many mixtures

  • Élastomères (EPDM, silicones, CR, NBR, SBR…)
  • Thermoplastiques (PVC, PP, PE, PA, PC…)
  • Élastomères thermoplastiques (TPE, TPV, TPS, PVC souple, SEBS…)

Some of our blends are flame resistant according to the most common standards (ISO, NF, BS, UL, DIN ...). We also offer a full range of intumescent mixtures (graphites, phosphates, sodium silicates ...) for all projects requiring fire resistance.


Our technical proposals are followed by a prototyping phase. We are ready to send you functional samples from our manufacturing lines (extrusion, molding, injection ...), virtual concepts (plans, virtual models, simulation ...) or samples developed from 3D printing.


Our network of specialized laboratories allows us to accompany you and advise you in all your official tests and orientations (fire test, AEV, acoustics ...).


The quality approach of ETANCHEITE JUNG is based on the principle of continuous improvement and optimization of overall performance. We pay particular attention to product quality and implement procedures and methods to ensure the safety of goods and people.


We have through stocking contract, develop and support the inventory logistics of our customers. This allows us to manage items available in dedicated storage spaces according to their future need. Our logistical tools and our information system allow us to monitor replenishments and productions in order to avoid all risks of rupture.